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Sell Bare Bright Copper Wire in Ozone Park, NY

Bare Bright Copper Wire

Bare bright wire is copper wire typically found encased in a rubber housing that is used for most electrical wiring. In general the wire can be stripped, so the bare bright wire can be removed and sold as scrap copper. Bare bright wire is expected to be very good quality copper that is clean and pure. This is usually any 12 gauge solid strand sized wire or larger that has been stripped from its shield and is free from tarnish or other imperfections. It’s normally clean, bright, and shiny in appearance due to the fact that it was encased in a protective housing during its use.

There are various types of insulated wire in which bare bright wire can be stripped from, such as #1 insulated, #1 insulated Heavy or MCM, #2 insulated heavy, and #2 insulated. All of these different wire types are used for different purposes, however all can be stripped and the copper bare bright wire within can be sold at a scrap yard.

Bare bright copper wire also tends to sell for a premium due to its high quality. Often times it will sell for more than standard copper items and it would be best to contact your local scrap yard to see what they are willing to offer. Because bare bright wire is a higher quality copper then some other copper components, your scrap yard should be willing to pay more per pound for it.

The key to making sure you get the most money for your bare bright wire is going to be that you’ve stripped it properly. You will also want to make sure it’s not combined with any other metals and is separated properly. Separation goes without any explanation. Use a magnet and make sure you are not bringing your bare bright wire to the scrap yard mixed with any other metals. Stripping the wire can be somewhat time consuming however it will get you much more money for your copper if it’s done properly. It’s best to invest in a set of wire strippers and to strip the wire using them. If this is not an option you can use a knife (far more dangerous) or fire to burn off the rubber/plastic. Just note that if you burn off the rubber, your wire will lose its copper color and this will affect its value.

Remember, scrap yards pay for metals based on weight, so keep your bare bright wire tidy by rolling it into a spool or ball. This will ensure maximum profitability from your scrapping. Although bare bright wire requires some extra work, the price it will fetch will be higher. If you are not interested in stripping your wire, you can always call your local scrap yard to see if you can bring it in “as is.” They still may be willing to purchase it from you at a discounted price.

Ultimately, there is a demand for bare bright wire at your local scrap yard so if happen to have some, don’t be afraid to sell it for some extra cash. Just be aware that the manner in which you submit your wire will affect the price.