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Sell Copper Yokes For Cash in Ozone Park, NY

Copper Yokes

Copper yokes are usually found in the back of old tube television sets or computer monitors. They are typically in a cone shape and have plastic around the outside which is then wrapped by copper. The copper will look like bare bright copper wire, but it is actually copper wire #2 because the wire tends to be coated in shellac.

When scrapping a copper yoke you can either remove the copper wire entirely or leave it attached to the plastic. You will just want to make sure your scrap yard is willing to accept it in both forms. If it is removed from the plastic, do not mix the wire with bare bright or other copper wire you might have. Bare bright wire sells for more money than copper yoke wire and if you mix the two you cannot be sure that the scrap yard will pay you the higher price for the wire.

Many states have CRT (cathode ray tube) recycling programs where old computer monitors and TV’s are sent to the proper recycler to handle it. Due to the large volume, it can be possible that many recycling yards may be inundated with monitors to scrap. This presents a very real opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved in the scrapping business full or part time. Many scrap yards will not even accept these items because of the time required to take them apart. In these scenarios, the individual who wants to scrap the copper yoke will have to take apart the TV or computer monitor on their own before bringing it to a scrap yard.

If you intend to sell the copper yoke from a TV or Computer Monitor be sure to exercise safety first. TV’s that have recently been unplugged will still have a charge that may take up to seven days to dissipate. Give the TV this time period before disassembling it. Also, if you are taking apart a TV or monitor, be sure to take advantage of scrapping the other metals inside of it. Almost all metal is worth money, and you can make extra cash by scrapping other components within the television. The copper yoke itself may not be worth your time associated with disassembling the TV or monitor, but when you combine it with other harvested metals you can generate enough material to equate to $15-$20+ dollars per hour if you have enough product to take apart.

There is a fair amount of work involved when scrapping any metal. Most scrap metals are gathered from other items that need to be stripped or taken apart in order to gain access to the metal. Although items like copper yokes contain value, one must decipher the amount of time required to gather the materials and prepare it for the scrap yard. After that’s been determined, the total sales price should be analyzed to see if the time spent was worth it to scrap in the first place. If scrapping copper yokes or any metal is something you do part time or full time that’s perfectly fine, just make sure you are spending your time wisely and actually making a good wage when scrapping.