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Sell Scrap Bronze For Cash in Ozone Park, NY

Sell Scrap Bronze Ozone Park NY

Bronze is a very common metal and is used various products all over the world. It’s most frequently found in items such as statues, door and window frames and hardware, trim or rails, and furniture hardware. It has a “brownish pinkish and/or yellowish” appearance when clean and is an alloy made of mostly copper combined with tin. This is not to be confused with brass which is a similar alloy made up of copper and zinc. Depending on the quality of bronze that you have, whether it’s statuary, architectural, or commercial will dictate the makeup of the alloy.

All forms of bronze can be sold at a scrap yard for money. Weight measurements of bronze price per pound or price per ounce are taken and payments are made accordingly. Bronze can go for around $1.25 per pound depending on the scrap yard and may fluctuate in price. Be sure to identify whether your scrap metal is brass or bronze, as brass can go for a completely different amount. The current 30 day average price of bronze is $1.26 per pound.

When taking any metal to the scrap yard, be sure to familiarize yourself with the current market value of that metal. It’s best to be informed as to your metals worth before selling it for scrap. You want to make sure you are getting fair market value for your product and nothing less.

Although brass and bronze are very similar metal alloys, brass sells for significantly less than bronze. Make sure you identify that what you are getting is the proper price for bronze, not brass, and be sure to identify what metal you have in your possession.

For example, brass can sell for anywhere between $0.50 and $1.10 per pound, while bronze sells for more than that. Be sure to completely clean your bronze so you can easily identify it aside from any brass you may have otherwise you may get brass scrap prices for it and not even know.

Bronze is most widely known for its wide-ranging use during the Bronze Age that took place roughly between 2500 and 800B.C. It was used during this era for practically everything; items ranging from vases and bowls, to body armor and weapons.

Although the use of bronze has changed in modern society it still serves as a valuable metal commodity. Scrap yards are willing to pay top dollar for it, with only pure scrap copper going for a slightly higher amount.

Remember, if you decide to sell your scrap bronze, be sure to clean it first as to remove any confusion that it may be brass, and also be sure your local scrap yard is willing to pay the proper price for the bronze versus grouping it in with brass pricing. If you aren’t sure how to tell the difference, take a small drill and drill a small hole in the item you intend to scrap. If the turnings are small, like snowflakes, then the metal is probably brass. If the turnings are long and stringy then the metal is probably bronze.